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hi, i'm Tara, 17 from Danvers, MA.

I'd like to tell how pleased I was to stumbled over this community at 2:30 in the morning.

this is the ultimate community among lj-conmmunities, no joke.

i play clarinet, tenor sax, tried-to-teach-myself-piano(so not well at all), baritone, and guitar. my parents are investing in a violin and lessons (after years of perserverance and antagonizing) at the end of the summer. all the above instruments i feel i play very mediocrely-to-poorly.

i love the lotr soundtracks and arrangements. my friends make fun of me a lot for listening to it all the time in my car.

my school is not near cool enough to play shore's material, nor do i feel we have the right instrumentation even if we wanted to. my band has the talent but is very lazy.

p.s. i'm a bandgeek i love band, a lot. people thinks its weird.


i hope that none of you mind my joining here.
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