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Wow. It's so amazaing how no matter anywhere you go, band dorks are still relatively all the same. Omg I love marching band so much it rocks my saucy socks. And I also <3 lotr! Yay. My band director is absolutely OBSESSED with LOTR, so much that last year, our halftime show was about it. It was called, RINGS and it was great. I loved it. This is my second year in High school marching band, even though I am now a freshmen, I had the privelage of marching in 8th grade too along with only 3 other people. Band is what I love to do, so I hope I get along awesomely with all you other lotrbandlovin homies. :D

<3 Jazzyjenn-*
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i love band too! especially marching band. our whole marching band tried to convince our director to play the POTC or LOTR show, but 3 other schools were doing it also, so we couldn't :(