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DM Tryouts

Thursday was the day for drum major and junior drum major tryouts...woohoo!!!
Okay...these are the people who tried out(all of them were friends of
-Cory(current sophmore/trombone)
-Jessie(current sophmore/french horn/my best friend/last year's drum major)
-Me(current sophmore/baritone/euphonium/last year's junior drum major)
-Millie(Current 8th grader/trumpet)
-Britney(Current 8th grader/french horn)
Fun, fun...well, yesterday, Cory, Millie, and Britney *somehow* saw the score sheets of one of the and Jessie were mad, because we're not supposed to find out until Monday...Cory was mad, because he had the lowest score(64)...hahaha...
I don't know what the outcome will be, because that was only one judges scores, and the band directors have the final say...I'll keep you

PS-We had our concert Thursday...we played the LOTR music the best yet!
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