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Well, I'm possibly one of the laziest mods in the history of the world.

But look! Shiny linkage!

Over on filmscore, swashbuckler332 reported that the track listing for the extended, three-disk Fellowship soundtrack (which is due out Nov. 22) has been released. It's right here.

Disk 1, track ten : The Passing Of The Elves. Disk three, track two : Caras Galadhon. Howard Shore is God.
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Hi I am new, and I would just like to say, I absolutly ADORE LOTR!!! And I guess you could call me a band geek, I was reading the bio and I thought...Wow I actually do more than half of those things =D So I thought why not join =D

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This community seems dead, and that's sad.

Shall I try to generate some conversation?

I love and am obsessed with the song 'In Dreams' from the Fellowship soundtrack and movie. I recently performed the vocal version, and about a month ago, I arranged it for a flute/french horn duet.

Which song do you love the most? How far does your obsession stretch?

Hi all

This is my first little entry in the community and i might as well start by saying "Hullo" I have played Alto Sax for seven years. I this year marched with a bari sax instead of an Alto.... *shudders* I have been LOTR obsessed since I was very young as well as with music. :) I hope to have fun here.. or somthing lol. By the way to any other girl bari sax players that use a harness boy do i sympathize for you, and those that dont understand what i mean by this... To put it nicely the damn harness makes your boobs pop right out.. Lol well ill talk to you all later:)
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I just joined. I'm a flute/pic/voice/sax player from Maryland/Deleware, I've been obsessed with LOTR since I was about 7, and my favorite LOTR song is In Dreams. Now that all the essentials are down, I'll spit out what I have to say...

My highschool concert band is going to play Lord of the Rings music this year. Not Howard Shore, unfortunately -- however, it is still famous and pretty music made before the movies. I was all... VERY HAPPY. Understandable, no? We won't be playing it until the spring, so I have awhile to wait!
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Hi! I'm new to this community and I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Laurel, I'm 17(18 in three weeks), and I am completely obsessed with everything related to the Lord of the Rings. I'm not actually in band, but I'm in chorus and I love the LOTR soundtracks. I'm always looking for new friends, so comment if you want me to add u.
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Hey all, I have a question.

Does anyone here know the lyrics to The Bridge of Khazad-dum? Using David Salo's traslation and a couple of sites, I've got a pretty good idea, but I am still in need of assistance. Does anyone here have any idea as to what some parts (especially 1:33-1:40, 2:07-2:40) are?

Thanks :)