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start saving up now

I'm sure most of you have heard of this already...but I figured I would post it in case some of you hadn't. Thanks to melime for finding the article.

From TORN:Laurelinthegolden writes: I just received issue #16 of the LOTR Fan Club magazine, and it's reported Howard Shore will come out with a NINE disc set with the complete scores to each movie. 2 discs for FoTR, 3 each for TTT and RoTK, and the last disc featuring unreleased rarities along with commentary from Shore. Plus, plans are in the works to release a two disc live recording of The Lord of The Rings Symphony, and a DVD which includes a documentary on the making of the symphony and a performance by the Montreal Symphony. Looks like music fans will have much to look forward to!

I apologise for being rather neglectful of this community...does anyone know of a shareware/etc. music-writing program for PC? I have a ton of solos worked out by ear that I'd like to post.
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