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hey all! the name's sarah and i just joined this here community. i've been playing oboe for almost two years now and have resided in the realm of bank geekdom for three (one year of percussion before i took up the hautbois); i've been a rabid lotr fan since fellowship came out. glad to be here!
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My school Orchestra (and Band) went to Las Vegas this year for the Heritage Festival and apparently, another school's jazz band played a medley of different scores, including LOTR and POTC! I was in the practice room with the rest of Chamber Strings, so I missed it, but I hear they were okay.

And this doesn't really have to do with LOTR, but I mentioned earlier that my teacher may have gotten the POTC score for us. Nope. It's a mishmash of Chicago songs instead, which is interesting, since a lot of it is in a Blues/Swing style with triplet eigths and all and we are all strings. The style gets a little muddled since we have counting issues, but hey, we were only sight-reading.
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Joining The Community

Hey! I'm Jessica and I live in SC. I've played baritone/euphonium for 5 years. I love LOTR and the Hobbit!!! I just wanted to say hey and that I'm joining.
PS-My band is playing an arrangement from FOTR...woohoo! It's an easy version, but our woodwinds suck...oh well
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I have finally convinced my band directors to get some Howard Shore, but none of our bands are even playing it! That isn'y cool. But they also got PotC music, but Symphonic is playing that. I knew I should've tried out for that band. Grr... Oh well. PotC is going to be our marching band theam next season. I wans't able to convince my parents to let me join, but I went on a mission with some friends, stole the music and made a million copies of all 3 peices. Fun times.
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ahhhhhh. friday. ive got two days to do absolutly NUTHIN! hehe. although i may go to the movies tomorrow. hmmm. anyway. holy moly! ok so there was this fight at school today. ok well ther was this group of ppl minding there own business. and then all the sudden...... POW!!! this dude tackles this other dude that was standin in the group. i was all like OMIGOD!!! and theyre rollin around on the ground, and then they finally get up and dude #1 (the dude that tackled the other dude) slammed dude #2 into the coke machines. i was like i am sooooo outta here. so im walkin down the sidewalk and then all these administrators are runnin past me like the race cars at the races! it was crazy! but then they got em and the kingdom was saved. ha funny. but that was my highlight of the day. weird. anyway. so how was everybody elses day? good i hope. well..... im kinda tierd. but i dont wanna go to bed. oh well. ttfn. bye bye!
~ moe :)
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I don't know if I've introduced myself yet or not, so I will now. I'm Krissie, 17, flute. Piccolo, piano, and trombone too. I'm a flute section leader and in the Oakland Youth Orchestra Philharmonia. I love LotR and music of any sort. I think I might be a music major and be a band director, but I might change my mind and be a different kinda teacher, I'm not quite sure yet. Anybody got any views for me to take into perspective?


yello. how is everyone? eh, bored. oh well, lj takes care of that. hehe. anyway. omigoodness. today we got this really sad piece in band. our band director, mr.simpson, gave us this big speech on why he picked this specific piece. well he was all like, i picked this one because i thought that it was really cool and i really like this arrangement and that he really wanted to play it with us before he left. i was like, awwwww thats so sweet. and so we sight read it..... we played it almost perfectly. then he picked up the score and said, its been a pleasure. and it looked like he was gunna cry. so then i got all happy and started to cry. ugg. oh well. anyway, so how are yall doin with your instraments? lets see if i can remember all of ya. hmmmm.... well theres my horns...freelancer, uh thats the only one i remember there..... clarinets...katrina, christina, erin, kari(also trumpet) ha! good memory. i dont really remember anymore. oh well. plenty of time to do that. hehe. :) anyway. im out. ttfn!
~ moe :P
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well hello there. sorry bout the intro last time... wasnt very formal. sue me. anyway. well ive been playin horn for 4 years now, and mellophone for 1. great stuff that marchin band. im a freshman over at boone high school. go braves. and the band found out the worst thing that could happen to a band on friday.... our director isnt returning next year. oh man that was so hard. i cried. yes yes im a big cry baby. hehe.
oh man i LOVE the lord of the rings!!!!!!! the first time i saw it i was like, whoa. that was awesome. and weve been together ever since. hehe. but anyway. oh hey this goes out to everybody that reads this..... leave a comment about yourself. just so i can get ta know ya. :D well like where you go to school and like what you play and like.... well whatever you wanna put on there. hehe. well ttfn! bye bye!

love~ moe
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hey yall. im moe. i play the f horn and im crazy over lotr. its the best. anyway, i just wanted to wish all you ppl a merry happy easter!! so.... MERRY HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehe. im a little weird. well ttfn.

love always~ the moeness :)
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Well! Since most of the discussion in this community has been around band, I think it's high time we talked about our other common obsession: Lord of the Rings.

Two questions to get this party started.

1. What is your favorite Tolkien book?

2. Who is your favorite character?

And here are my answers.

1. Book - The Silmarillion. I am SO in love with the Valar and Melkor and all the goings on when the world was new.

2. Character - At the moment, it's a tie between Tom Bombadil and Aulë. Tom is just... you can't not like him, and I'm convinced that Aulë is the sexiest Vala Aulë is intriguing. I even read an essay where it suggested that Tom Bombadil and Aulë (as well as their counterparts, Goldberry and Yavanna) are THE SAME PERSON! How crazy is that??

I'm done.

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