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Can you play the Fellowship theme on more than one instrument? Does marching make you think of Pelennor Fields? Do your ears prick up at the sound of 'Howard Shore'? Have you ever begged (pleaded, bribed, blackmailed, etc.) your band director for the opportunity to play a LotR arrangement? Does 5/4 time always make you think of Isengard? Have you ever named an instrument after a Tolkien character? Have you ever spent an hour or more figuring out 'that solo' by ear? Can you recite film dialogue from the cues in the soundtracks?

Or are you just a LotR fan who loves the soundtrack and plays an instrument? The same goes for you choir-y types.

Either way, this is the community for you. Discussion of the soundtracks, and well as general fannish and band/choir geekish things is welcome.

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